The Office Medicine Schedule Management System is very valuable for today’s busy physician, especially those with high volumes of patients. The SMS can be used to schedule appointments with patients, rooms, equipment, and other resources.

Scheduler 1

Standard Features

  • Integration with OMNI Advanced Practice Management System
  • ┬áManages High Patient Volumes
  • Combination Scheduling of up to 16 resources simultaneously
  • Scheduling for First Available Physician
  • Equipment or Room Scheduling
  • Confirmation List interface to Phone Calling System*
  • Traditional Appointment Book or Advanced Graphic Interface
  • Double and Triple Booking Overrides up to 10 patients per time slot.
  • Scheduling by Patient Complaint
  • Unlimited Schedule Definitions with any time increment
  • Fully Integrated with EMR and Clinical Environments.
  • Block Cancellations across multiple dates
  • Cancellation Tracking
  • Collection Accounts Notification

Traditional Appointment Book Display

Scheduler 3

Graphic Schedule Display

Capable of displaying up to 32 Simultaneous Resources or Dates on a single screen.

Scheduler 2